What's the purpose of LaunchPad?

A disruptive platform that enable over 1 million vetted startups to be discovered by top investors, corporate clients and engage in real time collaborative effort.

What's Disruptive about LaunchPad?

a)-You own your data, b)-We never make money on your data or share it with 3rd party, c)-Facts based content only, d)-We accept Members who are Founders, Investors, Mentors and Corporate executive only, e)-Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence powered platform that benefit and protect all stakeholders

What are the key benefits for Startup?

a)-Revenues: Discovery by Fortune 500 Corporate Venture arms, that can lead to large purchase, investment or even early acquisition. b)-Funding: Ability for interested investors to contact you directly which shorten the cycle of funding by 90%. c)-Mentorship: Your access to vetted Mentors and subject matter expert that you can reach to explore relevant subject or dedicated collaboration. d)-Press: Featured startups will be promoted throughout the platform, which may trigger press coverage and exclusive interview from top media outlets.

What industries or location are allowed?

Registration is open to all industries that are represented by the Global Fortune 500 companies, as for the location we accept both US and global users as long they can communicate in English

What are the key benefits for Corporate and Investors?

a)-Deal Flow: Discover disruptive startups who are manually vetted and featured by our team, along ability to search over 1 million startups who are already vetted by top accelerators, angels group and top venture capital. Interaction: You can reach individual decision makers in any capacity and communicate live via voice or video without the burden of scheduling meeting or sending unsolicited email. Insights: gain access to the latest emerging trend and thought leadership by top influencers from Silicon Valley and across the Globe. Deal Maker: Blockchain and AI powered service that shorten the diligence process by 90%.

Who can join LaunchPad?

Registration is free and by invitation only and open to Startup founders, investors, Fortune 500 corporate executive and Mentors / subject matter expert. Subscribe with your corporate email to receive an invite

How I get started? And access all features?

a)- Register using your Linkedin credential to Sign up. b)-Confirm your email. c)-Complete your profile accurately, including your full name, professional pictures, short bio and what you are seeking. d)-Our proprietary engine would match and notify both side based on your profile inputs. e)-Respond promptly and professionally to members requests. f)-Premium access is open for top members, upon eligibility you will be notified of Premium option along accessible features

What are the Do and Don’t?

Simply conduct yourself professionally at all time like the offline world, never disparage anyone, never contact anyone more than three times, never post or share anything confidential, and help change the world positively by sharing insights that can drive disruptive innovation

Who cannot join LaunchPad?

Anyone without an invite, and any profession not listed above. Recruiters, sales and marketers are not allowed to join, unless they intend to be and qualify as Mentors. Transaction based spam are strictly forbidden and will result in your account termination and banned with no further notice

Are they more Programs?

Yes, simply consult the Global Startup Program listed on our website OneTraction.vc and the extensive FAQ page as well

I have more questions? Who do i Contact?

Register and consult the help section for detailed support, if you are premium user please contact us once you’re logged in